Are Facial Extractions Good For The Skin? | Shens Aesthetics

Are Facial Extractions Good For The Skin? | Shens Aesthetics

September 2021
Are Facial Extractions Good For The Skin? | Shens Aesthetics

You may be questioning the difference between getting it done by professionals and yourself and whether facial extraction is actually truly good for your skin? Forthwith, Shens Aesthetics is here to answer them all.

August 2021
5 Ways To Tighten Your Post-Pregnancy Pooch & Loose Skin | Shens Aesthetics

To help all the incredible mummies achieve a speedy recovery from the mummy’s pooch and improve the appearance of the loosened skin, we’ve created a guide detailing the best ways to restore, rejuvenate, and tighten the loose skin!

August 2021
5 Reasons To Include Niacinamide In Your Skincare Routine | Shens Aesthetics

Compared to ingredients like vitamin c, hyaluronic acid or retinol, niacinamide may not get as much buzz and popularity. However, at Shens Aesthetics, we feel that niacinamide is the skincare unsung hero ingredient that deserves its well equal praise. Therefore, let us explore its amazing benefits.

August 2021
All About HydraFacials: Do They Actually Work Wonders? | Shens Aesthetics

Let us unravel the HydraFacial phenomenon and look into why everyone is obsessed with this in-office treatment.

June 2021
Beauty Miracle or Fad: Can you reverse skin ageing with 15 mins of LED light therapy? | Shens Aesthetics

If we were to tell you that there is an effortless and surefire way to reverse skin ageing by just lying back with your eyes closed, what would be your response? We’re here to find out!

May 2021
Guide to PDRN: Does PDRN truly live up to its hype? | Shens Aesthetics

If you’re looking for an anti-ageing product or solution that can target the roots of the stressors that contribute to skin ageing on a cellular level, will you give it a go? PDRN might be your best bet.

March 2021
Best Skin Care Tips for Women In Their 30s | Shens Aesthetics

Stepping into the prime age of 30, we need to acquire new ways to slow down the effects of ageing on our skin. Ever wonder the top skincare tips which can help you regain your youthful glow?

March 2021
K-Beauty Tips 2021: How to get that Korean Glass Skin?

Have you ever wondered how some of the K-POP stars attain their clear and poreless skin despite their hectic schedules? If you are, you’re on the right post! Read on to find out!

January 2021
Are gold facials worth the hype? 

Commonly, most online beauty trends floating around tend to disappear as quickly as we scroll through our social media feed. On the contrary, one treatment has been lauded since ancient times — the gold mask movement. Read on to learn more about the benefits of gold on your skin!

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